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My Geogebra Tube

GeogebraTube is a place to share files quickly and directly from Geogebra. Here is my profile page, containing applets from 2014 on. I’m in the process of importing old creations into GeogebraTube.



Asilomar 2013 – my presentation given Dec 2013 has eight applets both ready for the web and in ggb source format.

Below this point, the files may be out of date or inoperable.  But you’re welcome to poke around until I get them all organized into  GeogebraTube.

Doodads from 2013 – just a couple odd thoughts from 2013

Algebra 2012 – Basketball Parabolas.  Originally from 2010, updated in 2012.  Adapted from Dan Meyer’s “Will it Hit the Hoop?”  See an updated version of one of the shots here.

Geometry 2011 – a page aimed at students for a class in September 2011

Pre-Calculus 2011 (PDF “handout” with links to the applets) – four applets aimed at student partner work, in relation to polynomial and rational functions.

Algebra 2 2011 Winter Break Homework – a short applet intended for students

Geogebra in the Classroom 2010 – a short presentation I did for OUSD teachers, November 8, 2010.


Messy Directory Listing


Here is the messy directory for some of my older files.  These are mostly java based, and the best ones have been already transferred to My GeogebraTube above.  But if you are interested, here they are.

  • John Berglund says:

    Hey Scott,

    Love your work. One little error. Your circle inversion interactive doesn’t map the angle to the outer edge – but bounces back to the inside part of the circle. To see what I’m talking about, bring the movable point near to point a and the corresponding point gets close to b’ instead of a’.

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