Geogebra 2011-09-08 [8]

Applet 1 How many times will EF fit in the rectangle?

1.       Draw a line from B to D.

2.       Guess how many times will EF fit along this line? ____

3.       Use the compass tool to grab the length

4.       Set the compass circle down at .

5.       Intersect the two objects (and the compass circle )

6.       Keep copying the segment until you have answered the question.

Applet 2 Bisect a segment

1.       Drag points P and Q around to observe the construction of the perpendicular bisector.

2.       Use The Compass, Straightedge (line), and Intersect to cut in half.

3.       Make the bisector line green.

4.       Rename the midpoint to and make it red.

Applet 3 Center of a Triangle:

1.       is created for you.

2.       Construct the perpendicular bisectors of each side. Label their intersection point P

3.       Draw a circle with radius PA.

Now go to and click Download.

1.       From scratch, create an equilateral triangle. Make the segments blue, and thickness 7.

2.       Find the midpoints of each side using the Compass tool.

3.       Connect the midpoints with segments. Make these new segments red, and thickness 5.

4.       Find the midpoints of all of the new triangles by using the Midpoint tool.

5.       Choose a color for the new segments, make them have thickness 3.

6.       How many new triangles have been created?

Extension: How many triangles will there be if we did this process 10 times in total? 100 times?