Presentations and Workshops

Quizlet 2015

Quizlet: Designing Math Teaching around Digital Manipulatives, Oct 2015
San Francisco, CA

A brief survey, for the team at Quizlet, of some of the research ideas around digital manipulatives, with examples created in GeoGebra.




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Galileo High 2014

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, Zig-Zag with Geogebra Nov 2014
San Francisco, CA

A brief workshop with the math department talking about teaching with Geogebra, and the capabilities it affords.




Asilomar 2013 Geogebra

 CMC North 2013If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is Geogebra worth?
 At California Math Council’s conference at Asilomar December 2013.

Containing slides and demonstrations of using Geogebra in the secondary math classroom.  Some discussion of the difference between a teacher prep tool, a demonstration tool, and a student manipulative.


  • Melanie Janzen says:

    Hi Scott,

    My name is Melanie Janzen and I am the curriculum coordinator for secondary mathematics for San Bernardino County and am looking to host a workshop for secondary math teachers on how to use Geogebra. Is that something that you can do or can you point in the right direction?

    Thank you,

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