“Very Lenient Umpire Tells Base Runner Next Time He Gets Tagged He’s Out”

I saw this great Onion Sports article today:


Umpire Laz Diaz displayed an unusual amount of leniency Sunday, allowing a clearly tagged Hanley Ramirez to take third base regardless of his failed steal attempt, on condition the Marlins shortstop understood he could not count on the same treatment next time. “I told him next time he’s tagged out, I’m calling him out,”

This Onion article should be shown to any new teacher.  Actually, it should be shown to all teachers.  How often do we make this mistake in our own classrooms?  We always think it will be easier to just let it go, but it always comes back to bite us.

I’m trying to take a tougher philosophy every year.  Not only in management, but in grading as well.  Especially when doing Standards Based Grading, I find it easy to tell a student: “nope, you didn’t get it,” because I can append “yet” to the end.